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In. Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer Hide Spoilers. Wuchakk 10 April I have an obvious message for these three women aged 22, 23 and 29 respectively at the time of the events : If you don't want to go to jail don't enact hateful criminal protests.

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Let me put it this way: What if several conservative Christians visited whatever dive they "perform" at and carried out a mocking, hostile rant against them and their ilk? They'd be incensed and immediately put a stop to it, not to mention press charges to prevent it from happening again.

Speaking of "performing," the girls' music is laughably trite punk ditties.

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A couple of the females are asked what they're protesting against and one of them says they're objecting to the supposed Russian expectation of women to have babies and do little else in society. But 1. It's a classic case of rebel without a cause.

If they don't like Putin, fine, vote against him and look into becoming a politician. If you don't like the conservative sway in current Russian culture, then do your part to respectfully influence society to your point of view, which would include offering a positive example of your supposedly superior belief system.

Instead, these women opted for outrageous acts in their 3-year protest against the Russian government, culminating in the sacrilegious incident at the Russian Orthodox cathedral: They stuck poultry up their you-know-whats in supermarkets, spray-painted vulgar graffiti on bridges, staged an unbelievable public orgy at a museum when Nadya was eight-months pregnant, which is actually shown in the movie for like 10 seconds two clips.

In response, Putin expressed "I'm surprised they weren't arrested prior to this. The flick is evenhanded in that it lacks a biased narration and simply shows the actual footage, translating the Russian verbiage into English, with a smattering of interviews with parents, husbands and whoever. It's a fascinating documentary in that it reveals modern Russian culture, its predominant values and lunatic fringe. I was surprised to observe that the elder disciples of the Russian Orthodox Church resemble formidable American bikers more than anything else. Despite these positives, I'm not giving the film a higher rating because it foolishly sides with the girls.

Which is baffling since anyone with a Are you into zombies russian sex punk etc of common sense can see that they got precisely what their doofus behavior deserved. Of course loony libertines are notorious for their hypocritical double standards.

Was this review helpful? First of all, this is not a "musical punk group". No one ever heard any song from them, except maybe their ridiculous performance in the Churh. Let's quickly recall all their public so called "performances": 1. Public sex in a botanical museum, which was video taped and ed to the internet. If you google it, you still have a good chance of finding it. I believe the team was call "Gruppa Voina" at that time.

And if I'm not mistaken, they celebrated Medvedev's presidency in such a way. Tolokonnikova was 9 month pregnant at the time. Other members of the team carried out a frozen chicken in their vaginas out of a grocery store. Kids and other people were present.

Tolokonnikova and others hang by neck in a grocery store several mannequins representing visual minorities people of Asian background. Public was present in the store. Again, "the performance" was videotaped and ed.

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And of course, the famous performance in the beautiful Christ the Savior Church. Usually people are required to be quiet and decent in this place. Yet they cursed, jumped, etc. I'm surprised that visitors didn't beat and kick them out. If it hadn't happened in Moscow but in some rural church, that would have been the most probable outcome. If it's art, or "political protest", then I'm from Mars. It's good that finally they were stopped before they did something even more outrageous. And if they haven't learnt the lesson - well, Mr. Putin is not going anywhere any time soon.

JustCuriosity 14 March While many people had seen news reports about the arrest and trial of these three young women who are part of Pussy Riot — described as a feminist punk-rock collective — this documentary provides much more detail on these events.

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The film is informative as it examines how they were tried essentially a hate crime for performing a highly offensive song at Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior on February 21, The trial was somewhat similar to a trial for blasphemy. The film was interesting and informative, but not terribly creative as a documentary film.

Much of the film was simply edited tapes of the trial coverage and other secondary news coverage. There was some background material on the young women and interviews with their parents to provide some context for the events. I would say that the events themselves were more inherently interesting than the filmmakers' treatment of them. Still, since the film has been picked up by HBO it appears that many more Americans will get a chance to learn about this Moscow Show Trial and the tragic deterioration of Russian democracy under Vladimir Putin that this trial serves to demonstrate.

Certainly, these brave young women deserve our sincere praise and respect for their efforts to promote freedom in Russia. I think that 'subjectivity' is precisely the film's point; the girls were tried and sentenced according to the subjective will of the Russian government. In a truly democratic society, different subjectivities are allowed, but not in Putin's Russia, where the girls are expected to apologize for their 'crimes' before being sentenced.

Mike Lerner and Martin Pozdorovkin's film unfolds over the course of six months, taking in the performances of Pussy Riot, the trial and its aftermath. While you might not agree with what the girls actually did, they do have a point; they were simply trying to express their views, not incite religious hatred as the authorities accused them of doing. Hopefully this film will be given a wide distribution, to make viewers worldwide aware of its important message.

When the US government sanctioned the beating and arrest of US citizens for swaying from side to side in the Jefferson Memorial a couple of years ago, it provoked no response from the Western media and therefore the Western zombie-citizens who rely entirely on the media for their 'opinions'. Yet the Russian government, sorry, 'Putin' because everyone knows Putin is a dictator, right?

Even the name 'Pussy Riot' strongly suggests that this band of nihilists has always viewed the English-speaking world as their main audience. If informing the Russian people about problems in Russian society was their main goal, surely a Russian name would have been top of their list of requirements. But that's not the job with which these self-described 'Trotskyists' were tasked. Their job is to provoke a reaction from the Russian government which can then be used by Western governments and media to launch an 'anti-Putin' propaganda offensive to prepare the ground for a plausibly 'popular uprising' against the Russian government.

As we have seen recently in Ukraine, foreign governments can be 'legitimately' overthrown by a relatively small group of Western government-backed protesters without either the input or support of the vast majority of the population of the host nation. It's challenging for North Americans to grasp that there's still danger in speaking your mind in many places in the world.

So while we all knew of Russian punk collective Pussy Riot and we all heard about the arrest and prosecution of three of its members after an impromptu performance of "Punk Prayer — Mother of God, Chase Putin Away! The power of "punk" is hackneyed in the West by now, but Pussy Riot and members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, Yekaterina Samutsevich prove that in the more repressive areas of the world it still has the power to provoke.

While there's no doubt where the bias of this doc lies, the directors do an admirable job of documenting the turmoil surrounding three young women who stand on the courage of their convictions. Pussy Riot — A Punk Prayer is one to see.

If you're not lucky enough to be in Toronto during HotDocs 13 or you can't score a ticket to any of the 3 screenings, HBO has bought the film and announced plans to air it June As noted by Le Monde, Pussy Riot's actions in the cathedral would be heavily prosecuted in France and most developed democracies in Europe. It was going inside a church, and desecrating it through physical acts. What they got prosecuted for was not a "thought crime" or a free speech crime, but for what would be a prosecutable hate crime in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the US, Canada, Australia etc.

What a shame. Free speech is important. Free speech that one side or the other consider despicable, discordant or prejudiced, is important to protect. There is nothing wrong with radically attacking through speech Are you into zombies russian sex punk etc art the ideas or beliefs that people hold.

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This film is utterly full of false narrative of what happened. Pussy riot could have done the same thing on the public sidewalk outside that church and not been prosecuted. They decided to go innot leave, even get up on the alter. The so-called Pussy Riot band never practices or performs with musical instruments. I guess their background music is pre-recorded by some other band that can actually play music. The so-called band is just a bunch of dirty people wearing wool caps pulled down, with holes cut out for the eyes and mouth. Really trashy gang of malcontents who hate the Greek Orthodox Church and everything that is part of Russian culture.

The only thing I like about them is that they burn posters of Putin, who is a dictator of Russia. That took courage. They make a point that Democracy has been destroyed by Putin. I agree with that. It is a valid point. However, by desecrating a Church, which is very sacred to the members of the Greek Orthodox religion, they deeply offended several million people. They also totally disrespected a place where people go to pray for their loved ones, baptisms, funeral services, etc. It showed a lack of character on their part, and that they are not just against Putin, or for Democracy.

Pussy Riot are anarchists and they are fascists in the way they attack the groups they do not agree with. They should have gone to prison, they deserved it. This documentary tries to paint the dozens of participants in the Pussy Riot group as victims, but they are victimizers. They could have made their points in a constructive manner, but they realized that by being outrageous and destructive, they would get media attention. We don't want this in Russia. People of the world who think the same as we're, us.

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This documentary is a must-see for anyone who doubts that terrifying sexism much in the name of religion and political repression exist, that young people are extremely courageous, and that art has the power to liberate the mind, heart, and spirit. This documentary will give you respect for Pussy Riot members, their families, and their sympathizers, yet help you understand why Pussy Riot's detractors feel so threatened by the group.

Although much of the film covers legal proceedings against the group, and anyone who followed the trials and news related to the group knows the outcome, the film never drags.

Are you into zombies russian sex punk etc

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