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LucasES am.

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The Free real sex in Fort Campbell Kentucky county n c of that role is heightened as we plan and prepare for a return to school after months of closure due to the pandemic. While we responded to the closures quickly in providing continuity through digital learning, we have always believed that instruction in the classroom is the optimal learning environment for most of our military-connected students.

Restoring teaching and learning to the familiar environments of our classrooms, provides students with stability and continuity. Face-to-face instruction and the routines of school add ificantly to success and growth for all students. Education is a critical quality of life component for military families and communities. We recognize that DoDEA school operations impact on the readiness of our military partners to complete their mission. As a support function, it is imperative that we get students back to school as soon as soon it is safe to do so.

We are currently engaged in comprehensive research and in-depth planning toward that end. We are approaching this work thoughtfully. I have provided the following parameters to our planners and the commands we serve. We are looking at a of additional topics, including: daily screening and protocols should a student or employee present as sick; social distancing and sanitation; addressing the learning gaps of students; transportation; school lunches; student services; staffing, scheduling and vulnerable populations; student activities and athletics; and protocols if a resurgence were to occur in any of our communities.

Additional details are still in development and I will provide details on our opening plans by mid-July We expect you will have questions and our local school administrators: Principals, Community Superintendents and Superintendents will be prepared to receive your input and provide detailed answers to any concerns you may have on this year's opening. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. As we return to school, the support and involvement of parents will be critical to our success.

We recognize that parents are the first teachers of students. Their help in establishing routines and expectations at home that reinforce and extend learning are valued and appreciated. Families also play a vital role in maintaining safety in our schools and classrooms. Good hygiene practices learned at home make our schools healthier and safer. As we return in the fall, ensuring that students are healthy enough to come to school will be an important and daily consideration.

Every parent needs to ensure that students who are ill must stay home and, when necessary, seek medical attention. Students and adults have an obligation to respect and comply with the heath protection provisions in place for our classrooms, cafeterias, school buses and athletic fields. We will also need your understanding as we limit visitors to school while social distancing is in effect. When we return, we must also address the emotional and psychological needs of those who may have been adversely affected.

We will offer appropriate support and intervention to meet those needs. Teachers, with the support of our counselors, psychologists, and school nurses, are valuable resources positioned to provide early and ongoing assistance for students.

I am confident that the advanced planning, preparation, cooperation and collaboration between our school and community leaders will facilitate the safe return to school, and to a new sense of normalcy in the days and weeks ahead. Any decisions will reflect our mission, priorities and the core values of our school system. Any actions will be guided by a strong focus on hygiene and prevention. We will strive to earn your trust and confidence. I welcome your support as we work together to safely insure academic achievement for your children.

Welcome to Andre Lucas Elementary School! It is my pleasure to have been selected as the principal of this amazing school! Our statement of purpose is that Andre Lucas Elementary School is committed to high academic achievement by preparing all students to be successful, productive citizens and life-long learners in a rapidly changing global society.

I am committed to that purpose and am here to see that every child is safe and successful while attending Andre Lucas Elementary. Please stop by and visit if there is anything I can do for you and your. My door is always open. The faculty and staff have built a first class educational program which enjoys an excellent reputation as being student and teacher friendly. We have benefited ificantly from the active participation of parents in the classroom through the Parent Teacher Organization PTO.

Working together with parents, volunteers and post officials, we are committed to building a tradition of excellence. Andre Lucas ES has a diverse student population that reflects the military community that it serves. The th Brigade is the school's adopted unit.

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Each day the unit sends a representative to greet students as they arrive in the mornings. These soldiers work with the students and assist with clerical duties.

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The th also volunteers during school-wide activities such as classroom moves, serving the Thanksgiving meal and Field Day. The continued interaction lifts the students' morale immediately when interacting with the soldiers. This helps students find another connection to their parents who are also on active duty. He was awarded the Medal of Honor Posthumously for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.

Lucas distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism while serving as the commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion. Although the fire base was constantly subjected to heavy attacks by a numerically superior enemy force throughout this period, Lt.

Lucas, forsaking his own safety, performed numerous acts of extraordinary valor in directing the defense of the allied position. On one occasion, he flew in a helicopter at treetop level above an entrenched enemy directing the fire of one of his companies for over 3 hours. Even though his helicopter was heavily damaged by enemy fire, he remained in an exposed position until the company expended its supply of grenades. He then transferred to another helicopter, dropped critically needed grenades to the troops, and d his perilous mission of directing fire on the enemy.

These courageous actions by Lt. Lucas prevented the company from being encircled and destroyed by a larger enemy force. On another occasion, Lt. Lucas attempted to rescue a crewman trapped in a burning helicopter. As the flames in the aircraft spread, and enemy fire became intense, Lt. Lucas ordered all members of the rescue party to safety. Then, at great personal risk, he continued the rescue effort amid concentrated enemy mortar fire, intense heat, and exploding ammunition until the aircraft was completely engulfed in flames.

Lucas was mortally wounded while directing the successful withdrawal of his battalion from the fire base. His actions throughout this extended period inspired his men to heroic efforts, and were instrumental in saving the lives of many of his fellow soldiers while inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. Lucas' conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action, at Free real sex in Fort Campbell Kentucky county n c cost of his own life, were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit and the U.

April Ennis was named Assistant Principal for the school year. After her initial year, Mrs. Ennis returned to 4th grade. During her time at Holbrook, she served on the school improvement team and served as a grade level chair. Ennis earned her Master's in Administration Supervision in InMrs. Ennis was chosen to go to Gordon Elementary as a 4th grade teacher.

During this shift, she became the Continuous School Improvement Chair. She was responsible for delivering professional development on multiple levels in addition to her teaching duties. She embarked on two years of development that helped to lead to her job in administration. In February ofMrs. Ennis was hired to be the Assistant Principal at Andre Lucas Elementary where she served for a year and half before being moved to Jackson Elementary as the Assistant Principal.

Ennis and her husband reside in Tennessee. They have four children ranging in age from 21 - She has ties to the military community through her father, an Air Force Veteran of 20 years, and her husband who served for nine and a half years doing seven tours overseas. As a military child herself she is passionate about ensuring that students and families alike receive the support, education, and resources that are needed to develop productive citizens.

His focus in this role is to provide leadership and support in teacher collaboration to advance student achievement, inspire and motivate teaching and district staff, and support the DoDEA mission. I am ready to work with our educators, parents, command, and all others, as we strive for excellence for every student, every day. Adams began his educational career in Oregon in During his tenure in Oregon, he served as a middle school assistant principal and elementary principal, as well as serving as the district human resources director.

Inhe was selected as a community superintendent for the Europe East District in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

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As a community superintendent, he served schools across Germany with a primary focus on school communities in Baumholder, Wiesbaden, and the Kaiserslautern Military Community. Adams and his wife of 27 years have five children.

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She began her career as a high school science teacher in and coached the girl's golf team in Harris County, GA. Beginning inshe served as the District Secondary Curriculum Instructional Coordinator and then as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment starting in Huddleston was an adjunct professor for Troy State University where she was honored with a Research Scholar Award in Her career and research focus have been on identifying barriers that must be overcome in schools so that all students have an equal opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

She co-authored a study presented collaboratively at University Council for Educational Administration UCEA on gender dynamics and the cohort experience in a leadership preparation program. Huddleston and her husband reside in Georgia. Together, they have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

Her youngest son, Jake, is a Cavalry Scout in the U. Army and her step-son, Steven, served in the Marines. Huddleston is passionate about serving military-connected students and families. As a teacher, Mr. Bull served in leadership roles to include the student support team chair, the continuous school improvement chair, and crisis prevention intervention instructor. InMr. Bull led Kaiserslautern Middle School through a successful school accreditation.

Additionally, Mr. Bull was a secondary school principal of the year nominee in the school year Subsequently, Mr. The Department of Defense DoDin collaboration with the National Center for Interstate Compacts and the Council of State Governments, has developed an interstate compact that addresses the educational transition issues of children of active duty military-connected families.

Currently, all 50 states, DoDEA and the District of Columbia participate in this interstate compact, which provides uniform policy for resolving the educational challenges experienced by military-connected children as they transition between school systems. The SLO is the local contact for schools and has valuable information about school calendars, hybrid learning, early enrollment, student services, how to manage quarantine requirements and more.

The Compact ensures that mobile children of military families are afforded the same opportunities for educational success as other children.

Free real sex in Fort Campbell Kentucky county n c

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