Going to the Colchester Vermont need a tour guide

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This service will be available until December 31,or until USDA funding runs out, whichever comes first. Breakfast and lunch will be available to all students, regardless if they are learning in-person or remotely, and families will not need to pre-order. The menu is available at www. If the student is learning in-person, meals will be available for every student in the classroom, however, they can also choose not to have a meal.

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Details with pick up locations and times are listed on this link. The application is quick and easy.

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The paper application is available in Nepali. The district is now accepting Free and Reduced Meal Applications online. This simplified process is not only easier to navigate, but it will also allow us to provide a faster and more efficient response.

This is a confidential process.

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If you think you might be eligible for free or reduced meals, we urge you visit the online application website to find out. If you've already filled out a paper application for this school year, don't worry, it will still be processed and you won't need to do it again.

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However, if you haven't yet, we highly encourage you to file online. Jacobs at MBS today! Check out these first responders, doctors, athletes, and guardians!

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Toggle. Third Grade Mrs. Cioffi Mrs. Ellingson Mr. Jacobs Mrs. Marlow Ms. McKelvey Mrs. Rayner-Cyr Ms. Riggs Mrs. Beck Mrs. Carney Mr. Cheney Mrs. Chittenden Mrs. Fischer Mrs. Longchamp Ms. Taylor Fifth Grade Mr. Bean Mrs. Buswell Mrs. Boucher Ms. Freed Mr. Galati Mrs. Miller Ms. Nuttall Unified Arts Art - Ms. Peltier Library - Mrs. Oglesby Music - Mr. Eastman PE - Mr. Kluk "Mr.

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Kellar Mr. Malletts Bay. By the way ! C lick here to check out Nurse Josie's interactive website! Dismissal Change Form. Upcoming Events. Video Library.

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Our students, families, and citizens will feel a sense of belonging and pride as we work to prepare for an ever-changing society. Our partnerships will lead to a vibrant, inclusive community, proud of innovative learning and flexible approaches in learning with a commitment to excellence for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Going to the Colchester Vermont need a tour guide

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