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I live in Bismarck, North Dakota. I've been here since the mid-eighties. A long time. Bob Grey Eagle: I'm married. I have two sons. Levi who's going to be twenty-two this year, and Skyler, who is just turned eighteen this past December.

My educational status is I got a associate credential with the Open Bible Churches. Basically entered the workforce and been wanting to go back to school but never had the chance to just put down full-time work. I can go back and do the generals and have an associate, but it's equivalent to the associate degree but because it doesn't have the general's, that's why it's not. Career, I work for the Transportation Security Administration. As their training specialist, I'm responsible for the hundred and sixty TSA officers within the State.

I'm responsible for their training meet and the to include the Federal Security Director's staff. Their training meets also. Davis: Is that a State job or a federal job? Davis: Federal job. Bob Grey Eagle: I've been there. I'm going on fourteen years there. Davis: Wow. Worked my way up to Federal Security Director of staff. Davis: Sounds like some strong work ethic. Learned it yourself.

Bob Grey Eagle: Learned this work ethic from my step-dad. That's the one thing that he did teach me. Davis: That's sweet. We're going to go into that too a little bit. Robert, is that growing up we're going to start with learning a little bit further about your past and can you share with us where you did grow up in your childhood? Bob Grey Eagle: My childhood was spread from I was born in New York and lived there for about four years.

My mother moved us back to Enemy Swim and we lived there from four to, I'd say, probably about My goodness, fifth grade, so what is that? Eight or nine. Somewhere in there. That was, she moved us up to Bismarck. While she attended school at a United Transfer Nursing Degree.

We stayed out there for two years before we moved into town. Davis: Born in New York City? Davis: State? Davis: Oh my God. You were four? Davis: Oh my goodness.

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Then from four years old, to? Bob Grey Eagle: To, I'd say, my goodness. It had to be about let' see Davis: Then she moved us to Bismarck so she could attend United Tribes. Bob Grey Eagle: Then you been here ever since? Davis: Yeah. Davis: You probably, I don't know, I probably shouldn't assume.

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Do you remember what it was like living in Brooklyn? Bob Grey Eagle: It's crazy. I remember some of the smells. I remember some of the things that I don't know, they just seemed important back then. I remember catching a bug jar of butterflies. Then thinking that they live and they didn't. I had to pour their dead bodies away. The apartments were so high, so I remember just putting them down and they went down to the ground or whatever.

I remember the smells walking by the pizza shops. I remember there's a Hot Wheel shop there that I must've been around four when that happened when my real father took me there to pick up one Hot Wheels car. I remember the You could go out there but you couldn't put a chair on it or anything. I remember being able to look down and you could see all the business in the streets and all that. Davis: That's a big cultural shock from Do you remember the transition coming to South Dakota from New York?

Bob Grey Eagle: That's one of the things I don't remember. I remember traveling back to visit. It must've been really early on. We traveled back to visit my dad's dad. I don't really remember making a jump from New York to Enemy Swim.

It was just like we showed up. I know that Mom relied heavily on family. Probably moved in with Grandma or something. I don't remember. Davis: At what age do you start remembering, you think? Bob Grey Eagle: I think when maybe it was We were back and forth. She had us going to a Catholic school in Watertown. I just remember being us kids called it like Hi-C or something like that. I can't remember. It was really weird why we called it Hi-C.

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We attended there for a little bit and then we went to a public school. Then that's when we started transitioning to we went to Waubay. I was a dragon. Davis: Were you? Bob Grey Eagle: I would say that it was just between those times. We were jumping back and forth in where we lived in Watertown for a little bit. Then we moved to Enemy Swim and we lived just outside Waubay with my grandmother.

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We were all over the place. Davis: Are those public schools? Waubay and Enemy Swim? Bob Grey Eagle: Yeah. Waubay's a public school.

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I don't think I had to go to Even though I lived in Enemy Swim, we used to, if I remember correctly, we still got bused to Waubay. We did because that was the thing. I'll catch you after when we get dropped off by the trashcans. That's where all the fighting happened.

I d like to suck Waubay South Dakota guy

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