Insatiable and unsatisfied

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Synonyms: unquenchable, unsatisfied, voracious, unappeasable, wanting, desiring, greedy, gluttonous.

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Tips: It may be helpful to think of the related word satisfy when breaking insatiable down: in- "not," and satiable, "satisfied. The verb satiate, "to satisfy," is derived from the same Latin word: satis, "enough, sufficient.

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If you can't get satisfaction, you are insatiable. This is a good word to describe extreme thirst or hunger. Even though he had eaten a large amount of food, he could not seem to satisfy his insatiable hunger.

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She described herself as an insatiable shopper who simply could not shop enough. She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and is currently working on her third doctoral degree.

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Insatiable and unsatisfied

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