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Depends on how you define hobbyist. When the monger is addicted to this hobby, I mean truly addicted, then I would agree with you. Some people neglect friends, family, careers, and dedicate themselves to the hobby. They've re-prioritized their entire lives. I remember in my early professional years that I would check into a hotel in the USA and pull out the yellow s as soon as I got in. I mostly didn't call an escort but I wasted a hell of a lot of time like I am at the moment on pricing girls and looking for Local sex chat in Samyai in newspapers etc.

I finally got it through my head that being a monger within the confines of the United States is really not worth it and I will rarely waste my money and time pursuing the hobby at home. However, when I get on the road and the job takes me to a hobby local or if I find any other reason to be in a hobby locality, I am a binger. I am a binge hobbyist. I think it hurt my career early but I have learned to tone it down and I only get to a legitimate hobby destination a few times a year. Say 3 or 4 times a year. I've been struck by the fact that for most of the friends I know who do this, WGs are their main vice.

No gambling, no excessive alcohol consumption, no drug addiction, no chain-smoking, no overeating, sometimes not even meat, no abusive relationships. Sure, they spend their money on real estate, or cars, or clothes otherwise, but those are hardly vices. How about you? Do you indulge in other sins as much as you do sex? This is me pretty much to a tee.

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Although, I do eat meat and will never give it up to the day that I die. It may even kill me haha! Others not so much. Would you consider a local who lives 15 minutes from the club, but only mongers once every three months a "hobbyist"? Even some of the locals who seem to attend times a week or the Dutch, Belgian, French who attend nearly every weekend, sometimes don't appear to be "addicted". Meaning their one priority in the club is not to session WGs. So some men just go to meet up with friends and drink.

They will session a WG once every few visits. There are regulars who I have never seen take a room one is even a local Asian guy who gambles and drinks mostly by himself. Have you not seen the gambling machines? Have you not heard people here complain about the smoke? One of the WGs I know is taking a break now. She wants to quit drugs, but she claims it is impossible because she has too many clients that want to snort or smoke with her.

Most of the guys I know didn't Local sex chat in Samyai up their vices, it seems like they never had them to begin with! It's not like whoring made them healthier. It might be more like these guys were so color-inside-the-lines that the only way they could get a ton of strange is by paying for it. Kind of a joke, but that describes me too. Strange usually comes easier to the rule-defying bad boys. The regulars actually seem to fit this model of control vs.

Excess too. Most of those I've seen seem to be modest-living guys, but a little sad because they're there regularly and it seems they don't have a lively social life on the outside. It's enough to want to be around pretty naked young women all the time to be labeled as addicted. These old guy regulars don't need to session. Maybe they're unable, given their advanced ages. The gambling machines seem there mostly for the girls, so that doesn't affect my impression of the hobbyist.

The smoke, well, just a handful of people can generate as much smoke. Your anecdote of about the WG's drug use I can definitely see, but that doesn't mean there's a ton of drug use among the sex-addicted regulars.

She may just need to use a lot of drugs because a lot of one-timers show up wanting to use them. One exception to my experience is that I'm mostly a dayside guy. I may not see as many vices because I don't visit at night that often, and I think that's where most of the vice-users come out.

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Girls have told me they prefer the dayside for that reason. I wouldn't be surprised if we knew each other at the club! To me "hardcore mongers" just means you've prioritized and allocated large portions of time and money to the hobby. These men fall into three : 1 frequent fly-in sex tourist, 2 local who visits two or more times a week, 3 monger who lives km away and travels to the club almost every weekend.

I would say all three are generally what you refer to as "color-inside-the-lines" guys. That's why I used the verbiage "even some" hinting that there is only a small minority of these hardcore mongers that have vices. Drinking, smoking, and drugs are habits you pick up while socializing. I mean, yes, once you become addicted, you will engage in all these while in your hotel room alone, but if one is just a recreational user of these substances, they will generally only use when in the presence of friends. I would say most hardcore mongers Local sex chat in Samyai anti-social.

You must be in order to "disappear" for long periods of time. Mongering is not socially acceptable, so those who engage in it so frequently must either make up a cover-story or maintain a small or non-existent social circle, otherwise questions get asked: "why do travel to Germany so much? I agree. The men who are offering her drugs are probably not the "hardcore mongers". I would guess that hardcore mongers never really make up percent of the club.

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Majority of the club would be recreational mongers who attend irregularly like no more than once every month. The mongers who want to "party" tend to be younger, they tend to arrive later in the evening and they tend to always arrive in groups of at least five. On a weekend night at a party club like Samya, I would say majority of the tables on the outer perimeter are groups of friends that have purchased bottle service. Contrary to the stereotype of the cigar-chomping, hard-drinking fat type A who goes out for hookers and blow after making a big score, most of the guys I know in this hobby indulge almost exclusively on pussy, to what could be considered a boring extent.

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The guys who tend to turn almost full or full time monger tend to be very rational, maybe that is the reason why men who go after WG almost full time tend to have less vices in life and we also begin to calculate many things in life based on what we can do in FKK or elsewhere for doing other vices that to us is meaningless or not rational comparing it to fucking young beautiful girls at FKK etc.

We all have different reasons to monger here and there, but full time mongers are bit different, we seek rationality and promptness, so that is the major reasons full time monger turn full time monger to seek secure investment return of fulfilling our lust, which is fair to say men's dream by our nature. When prostitution industries begin to provide girls who are actually young, beautiful and do almost all in bed at one stop location like FKK etc. It made sense for some of us men to turn full time monger due to rationality of it. Once upon a time, brothel tend to provide almost only ugly old girls who are even fat.

We have secure relatively easier reasonably priced access to have sex with young beautiful girls as we want it. This for me is most alluring thing in the whole world and each time I walk in to FKK, new encounters with new young beautiful organic holes are waiting for Local sex chat in Samyai penis to penetrate. Good point. It's kind of a chicken-and-egg thing, it seems. If you're not as sociable, you're not indulging in other vices, and WGs are an easier route to sex, and once you go down that road, there's less need to get involved with other vices.

My grain of salt: beware of people who don't smoke and don't touch alcohol, they could be into harder Local sex chat in Samyai, and of course they would not brag. Mongering combines very well with the harder stuff, as working girls are often an easy and relatively safe way to score. Men who have regular girls they book for 5 to 8 hours on end would be likely suspects.

This is true, it's hard to imagine screwing for that amount of time. I've never seen public sex for that amount of time. About not drinking and not smoking, I'm mostly talking about the folks I know. Under My Skin is an autobiography by Kate Holden, heroin addicted prostitute from Australia that worked in what she claims to be some of the biggest brothels in the land down under.

She did so to feed her heroin addiction. She started by walking the street and then she was recruited to work a low-end brothel where everyone was addicted and then she moved on to a high-end brothel where she had to hide the needle marks and other evidence of her drug use or she would be fired. She finally quit when she saw and heard about all the things her friends had while she had nothing.

It was a great read and she blames no one but herself and she is rather proud of her sex work. She enjoyed many clients and even used to say to herself "I can't believe that I am getting paid to do this. She read a review that said something about that Kate is honest and doesn't fake orgasm etc. She had a literature degree and she could carry on a conversation etc. My point is, she was able to fool most clients, the other girls, and her managers.

I read this book and I wonder, how many hard drug users have I slept with and not realized it? It is not obvious.

Local sex chat in Samyai

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