Looking for a DYNIC Man

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Some people just seem to have it? Am I right? They walk into a room and everyone seems to be suddenly magnetized to them. When I think of someone who is innately dynamic, I think of my brother. He and I have the same upbringing and many similar life experiences, yet when he speaks people are much more drawn to him in comparison.

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Here are seven easy ways to be the most dynamic person in the room. Stop right there. When people are speaking to you, look right at them. The key point here, though, is to actually listen. The outlet said by listening and then following it with relevant questions to deepen the conversation, people will remember you as interesting. Will people remember you if you showed up in sweatpants and a ripped shirt to a fancy work dinner? Will it be for the right reasons? Maybe not.

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If you want to be dynamic, you should plan to dress dynamically. This is true whether we like it or not.

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If you want to impress, use your attire as a way to supplement that goal. What should these stories be about specifically? The Week suggested choosing stories that involve people versus things. Likely, the second interaction is going to be more memorable. According to INC. The goal here is to be dynamic, right? When you think of a dynamic person, likely you think of someone who is confident and a big presence.

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Being dynamic in a room does not have to be difficult. Try it out at your next function, and you might be pleasantly surprised at the result. Images: Pixabay 4 ; Pexels 4.

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By Erica Florentine.

Looking for a DYNIC Man

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