Olympia Washington s naughty girls

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W hat does Santa do in the summer? It turns out he and Mrs. Claus live right here in Thurston County. I thought I spotted him one day in a restaurant, but how could I be sure? Another day I watched a jolly, white-bearded man in red shorts get into a cherry red Chevrolet right in front of Lacey Shoe Repair.

My heart started racing, but I was too late to catch him. Then, in the perfection of Christmas magic, our paths crossed the very next day. Santa was getting a beard touch-up at Front Stage Hair Salon. Nana Claus was there, too, waiting patiently. She produced a candy cane for me from her satchel. Life truly gets better and better. Santa-John and Nana-Claus really do live in Olympia at least some of the time. His very first suit might have come from Craigslist, but no longer. Nana-Claus is the seamstress behind both of their outfits.

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When you are lucky enough to be at the same place at the same time as this delightful couple, your proximity to joy will remind you of the genuine goodwill that allows the season to shine. It all began six years ago after John was coaxed by a Costco gas station attendant to dress up like Santa.

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Not having a clue of what to expect, they were overwhelmed and enchanted. Their Christmas bells have been ringing ever since. Initially the couple worked with a local photographer who set up creative shoots. This gave Santa-John and Nana-Claus the time get acquainted with the people wanting the photos. The couple has always focused on creating special experiences. Rather than a grab and go photo moment, the time spent is low key and quiet. They love to talk with the children and are forever flexible with the needs of the situation or family. They especially like to provide special moments for families with special needs.

Proceeds for their visits are directed to a fund at their Sunbreak Churchwhich helps to sponsor them on regular mission trips around the globe. They have traveled the world. People all over recognize the holiday icon. The couple attends private birthday parties and welcome home celebrations. They have repeat customers and do corporate events.

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The reindeer are currently on vacation, too, getting some rest but staying in shape. The elves are busy with research and development with noticeable attention to the space program technology. Santa does like cookies and the reindeer like carrots. Christmas Day may be on the distant horizon, but it is never too soon to bring kindness to the table. Good question! His glasses are red. The buttons on his shirt all have SC on each one.

Their daughter is named Holly Noel, and was born in April years ago. By the way, Nana-Claus was the July face for the Mrs. Claus Sisterhood Facebook. But, you know, we all have to live somewhere. Monday, July 26, Everyday All Education Neighborhood Notes.

New Samayra Coffee Co. Twinklefest Window Displays. Homes First Spotlight on Community Partnership. Providence St. Santa-John and Nana-Claus have fun throughout the year. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis. Facebook Tweet Pin. Trending Now. Editor Picks.

Olympia Washington s naughty girls

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