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King's research focuses on the development, evaluation, and translation of public health interventions to reduce chronic disease in the US and globally. Her current research focuses on expanding the reach and generalizability of evidence-based interventions through use of state-of-the-art communication technologies; community-based participatory research perspectives to address health disparities among disadvantaged populations; and policy-level approaches to health promotion.

She has served on a of government taskforces in the U. In the physical activity and aging field, I am interested in the study of physical activity as a link to other health-promoting behaviors; and the relationship of physical activity and other health-related behaviors to day-to-day functioning, stress and coping, and sleep quality, particularly in chronically stressed as well as underserved populations. In pursuing the development of behavioral interventions for chronic disease prevention with broad applicability to the population at large, I have investigated channels of delivery e.

We have found that mediated interventions can provide a useful alternative to more intensive face-to-face approaches to health behavior change and, in some cases, such as in the physical activity field, may actually produce better long term i. Finally, we are applying "citizen science" perspectives in harnessing the power of residents to change their local environments to improve their health. The goal of this applied community-based research is to provide all residents, regardless of language, culture, or sociodemographic circumstances, with a means of identifying and working with other residents, community organizations, governments, and other decision makers to improve their local environments to promote health and wellbeing.

Despite numerous interventions deed to increase physical activity, few are specifically tailored to Latinas, a population where higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are present. Through a randomized comparative-effectiveness trial, this Phase II project will test the effectiveness of a smartphone application for improving physical activity among Latinas when providing them with real-time opportunities to connect socially with the goal of walking.

Stanford is currently not accepting patients for this trial. For more information, please contact Abby King, PhD, View full details. While low-income midlife and older adults are Online sex chat Stanford Montana rica affected by chronic diseases that can be alleviated by regular physical activity, few physical activity programs have been developed specifically with their needs in mind.

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Those programs that are available typically do not address the recognized local environmental factors that can impact physical activity. This research aims to evaluate the added effects on two-year physical activity levels of a novel citizen science neighborhood engagement program called Our Voice when combined with an evidence-based, individually-focused physical activity program Active Living Every Dayrelative to the individually-focused program alone.

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The programs will be delivered in affordable housing settings, and represent a potentially scalable means for promoting physical activity across broader income groups in the US. Despite the recognized health benefits of a physically active lifestyle, mid-life and older low-income and ethnic minority adults, including Hispanic Americans, are among the least active and understudied groups in the U.

This research aims to develop and evaluate a bi-lingual physical activity promotion program, applying easy to use state-of-the-art computer technology, which is tailored to the preferences and needs of mid-life and older Latino adults. Such computer-based programs represent a potentially low-cost means for reaching the large proportion of low-income and ethnic minority Americans who are under-active.

For more information, please contact Leslie Pruitt, - This research aims to investigate the effectiveness of an automated Simple Message Service SMS, also known as text messaging advisor system relative to a proven human advisor program to promote regular, sustained physical activity among inactive, overweight Latinos. The SMS Advisor program represents a potentially lower-cost and high yield alternative to person-delivered health promotion programs that could be more rapidly disseminated with greater and faster uptake.

The purpose of this research is to test programs to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior using motivational messages over a cell phone. The purpose of the study is to compare a telephone-administered physical activity counseling program delivered by a person or by a telephone-linked computer system and test their relative benefits in improving regular physical activity among adults ages 55 and older. This study will evaluate the effect of regular aerobic exercise on improving sleep in older adults with moderate difficulty sleeping. Based upon promising from a pilot study among sedentary older adults who were randomized to a physical activity intervention or a successful aging health education intervention, a Phase 3 multi-center randomized controlled trial is being conducted to compare a moderate-intensity physical activity program to a successful aging health education program in 1, sedentary older adults who are followed for an average of Online sex chat Stanford Montana rica.

The primary aim was to assess the long-term effects of the proposed interventions on the primary outcome of major mobility disability, defined as inability to walk m.

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For more information, please contact Cynthia Castro, - The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a month telephone-supervised, home-based physical activity and dietary intervention, conducted in either a sequential or simultaneous fashion, on improving physical activity and dietary patterns in a high-stress population. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether seniors living in neighborhoods that are conducive to walking are more physically active than those living in neighborhoods that are less conducive to walking.

The primary analysis is a non-inferiority analysis comparing these two interventions.

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For more information, please contact Jylana Sheats, PhD, The Our Voice program teaches residents to use a simple mobile application to individually and collectively identify neighborhood barriers to daily PA. They then convey this information to local stakeholders and decision-makers in ways that can facilitate potentially sustainable neighborhood-level improvements in support of regular PA. The NEAAT initiative encompasses a variety of research, environmental and policy-oriented projects aimed at empowering residents as "citizen scientists" to gather relevant information about their environments, build consensus around key issues impacting healthy lifestyles, and advocate effectively for change with local decision makers.

Application of interactive technology to physical activity promotion in Latino midlife and older adults in the South San Francisco Bay area. Testing of a novel food literacy intervention for adults, including Latino midlife and older adults. Impact of built environment on physical activity, obesity, and other health behaviors. Nature underpins human well-being in critical ways, especially in health. Nature provides pollination Online sex chat Stanford Montana rica nutritious crops, purification of drinking water, protection from floods, and climate security, among other well-studied health benefits.

A crucial, yet challenging, research frontier is clarifying how nature promotes physical activity for its many mental and physical health benefits, particularly in densely populated cities with scarce and dwindling access to nature. Here we frame this frontier by conceptually developing a spatial decision-support tool that shows where, how, and for whom urban nature promotes physical activity, to inform urban greening efforts and broader health assessments. We synthesize what is known, present a model framework, and detail the model steps and data needs that can yield generalizable spatial models and an effective tool for assessing the urban nature-physical activity relationship.

Current knowledge supports an initial model that can distinguish broad trends and enrich urban planning, spatial policy, and public health decisions. New, iterative research and application will reveal the importance of different types of urban nature, the different subpopulations who will benefit from it, and nature's potential contribution to creating more equitable, green, livable cities with active inhabitants.

View details for DOI View details for PubMedID METHODS: This protocol describes the planned processes for implementing community-driven participatory research, using a citizen science method to explore CVD risk perceptions and to develop community-specific advocacy and prevention strategies in the rural and urban SSA settings. Multi-disciplinary research teams in four selected African countries will engage with and train community members living in rural and urban communities as citizen scientists to facilitate conceptualization, co-deing of research, data gathering, and co-creation of knowledge that can lead to a shared agenda to support collaborative participation in community-engaged science.

The emphasis is on robust community engagement, using mobile technology to support data gathering, participatory learning, and co-creation of knowledge and disease prevention advocacy.

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Growing socioeconomic and structural disparities within and between nations have created unprecedented health inequities that have been felt most keenly among the world's youth. While policy approaches can help to mitigate such inequities, they are often challenging to enact in under-resourced and marginalized communities. Community-engaged participatory action research provides an alternative or complementary means for addressing the physical and social environmental contexts that can impact health inequities.

The purpose of this article is to describe the application of a particular form of technology-enabled participatory action research, called the Our Voice citizen science research model, with youth. An overview of 20 Our Voice studies occurring across five continents indicates that youth and young adults from varied backgrounds and with interests in diverse issues affecting their communities can participate successfully in multiple contributory research processes, including those representing the full scientific endeavor.

These activities can, in turn, lead to changes in physical and social environments of relevance to health, wellbeing, and, at times, climate stabilization. The article ends with future directions for the advancement of this type of community-engaged citizen science among young people across the socioeconomic spectrum.

The physical and social environment of school settings are important for health promotion among children and adolescents. Efforts to create supportive environments at the school level can benefit from including community engagement and empowerment processes to advocate for health promotion. The Our Voice model presents a unique opportunity for Latin American students to improve their school environments.

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The objective of this study was to engage and empower students years from five schools in Bogota, Colombia to use the Our Voice model to assess and seek to improve their local school environments. This study employed Our Voice's 'citizen science by the people' method using a mobile application for data collection. The Our Voice initiative included the following four phases: 1 De, planning and recruitment; 2 Data collection; 3 Community meetings for thematic analysis, priority setting and initial de of feasible solutions; and 4 Community meetings with decision-makers to advocate for changes.

The citizen scientists identified and advocated for safer physical activity-supportive environments and healthier food and drinks availability. This study allowed children and adolescent citizen scientists to make their voices heard by policymakers and empowered them as agents of change in the process of building healthier schools.

View details for Web of Science ID The availability of parks and urban green spaces has been associated with a of benefits, including increased physical activity, improvements in mental health, increases in social interactions, improvements to the environment, and increases in property values. The installation of temporary pop-up parks in urban areas is one way for urban communities to obtain these benefits. In this mixed-methods study, quantitative and qualitative data were gathered by researchers, the city council, a local investment company, and community residents that informed the initiation, iteration, and incremental expansion of a series of temporary, summer pop-up parks in the downtown business district of the City of Los Altos in Northern California over a 4-year period showed that the parks were visited by a large, multigenerational group of users who engaged in leisure-time physical activity, shopped at local stores, attended programed events, and socialized with others.

City sales tax data indicated increases in year-on-year sales tax revenue in the summer quarter of and compared with the year when there was no downtown pop-up park. Perspectives of community residents collected before, during, and after the installation of the pop-up parks indicated that the pop-up park created a vibrant space in an otherwise underutilized area that was enjoyed by a variety of people in a host of ways e. These informed a of discussions and meetings between key stakeholders about the pop-up parks, culminating in a temporary park that was held in a new location in that was substantially larger in size, installed for a longer time period, cost more, and had more scheduled park events.

from this prospective investigation of the initial impacts of pop-up parks in this urban location provide insights regarding the potential benefits and viability of such temporary parks for residents and businesses alike. The trajectory of aging is profoundly impacted by the physical and social environmental contexts in which we live.

While "top-down" policy activities can have potentially wide impacts on such contexts, they often take time, resources, and political will, and therefore can be less accessible to underserved communities. This article describes a "bottom-up", resident-engaged method to advance local environmental and policy change, called Our Voice, that can complement policy-level strategies for improving the health, function, and well-being of older adults.

Using the World Health Organization's age-friendly cities global strategy, we describe the Our Voice citizen science program of research that has specifically targeted older adults as environmental change agents to improve their own health and well-being as well as that of their communities. from 14 Our Voice studies that have occurred across five continents demonstrate that older adults can learn to use mobile technology to systematically capture and collectively analyze their own data.

They can Online sex chat Stanford Montana rica successfully build consensus around high-priority issues that can be realistically changed and work effectively with local stakeholders to enact meaningful environmental and policy changes that can help to promote healthy aging. The article ends with recommended next steps for growing the resident-engaged citizen science field to advance the health and welfare of all older adults. Despite the numerous successful behavioral interventions that have been published in the behavioral medicine field over a of decades, surprisingly few have been translated and adapted for real-world settings Online sex chat Stanford Montana rica participatory research methods.

The purpose of this commentary is to highlight the advances in participatory behavioral medicine reflected in the articles contained in the Diabetes special section.

Online sex chat Stanford Montana rica

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