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for Free! We went up to Forrest Beach Caravan park at short notice because my husband had a friend up there who had a problem with his truck.

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When we arrived I wasn't expecting many people to be there but since the winter here has lasted longer than normal this year there were still quite a few 'grey nom'. Retirees who travel with their caravan from place to place.

My husband got into fixing the truck while I mingled mostly with a couple of the wives. Anyway the afternoon past by quite quickly and we found ourselves invited to a commune barbecue. At the start there must have been 25 people, mostly couples but a couple of single men and all over I was easily the youngest person there but I was also getting most of the attention. I wasn't dress slutty or anything but typically I wasn't wearing much either.

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Just a summer dress with buttons down the front and just long enough to cover my bum. All the wives were lovely so I wasn't about to cause any problems by flirting or anything with the men just friendly like I always am but there are always those cheeky men who perve and just play away but I stayed a good girl. We were sitti g around a small fire which was yummy. My husband loves his burbon and was getting into it when one of the men bought out some home brew burbon for him to try and a bottle of red wine for me.

My husband saw the red wine and laughed saying, 'some leg opener'. That what he calls it referring to me but no one else caught on. The night was going along just great, my husband was getting very drunk and slowly the s of people started to thin as they retired to their caravans.

I was still having a great time talking and starting to get rather merry. Men seem to warm to me very easily. I'm not sure what time it was but my husband didn't handle the home brew burbon very well and curled up under a tree and was sound asleep. Swingers Personals in Gorin had a bit of a laugh over it but it was at about that time that the mood changed. It was now down to me, and 4 lovely mature men. Bill went to the loo but when he came back he sat and oh my his balls were hanging out of his shorts. I'm sure he didn't realise but I couldn't help looking and I felt my nipples grow Swingers Personals in Gorin hard I was starting to get very horny and stsrted letting my dress rise higher showing lots of thigh!

The looks I was getting only made my pussy start aching. I finishing another glass of red when Kev stood up, 'here let me', and he was standing there pouring more wine into my glass. He asked, 'so why does he call red wine leg opener', I smiled at him and right in front of them I spread my legs wide, 'because red wine makes me horny'. He started fingering, 'mm mm very nice', and then he looked around to his three friends and said, 'anyone who doesn't want to go any further leaves now'.

None of them moved, 'good', he said and he turned back to me and knelt down and pull my G right aside and sliced a second finger inside me, 'a you sure you are good with this Nic', 'I'm very sure Kev', I replied and looked to the other men smiling. Bill stood up and walked over and started rubbing my boobs, 'your boobs are fantastic'.

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All at once all 4 men circled around me. Touching me, undoing buttons, squeezing, exploring with their hands. In seconds all the buttons down the front of my dress had been undone. I reached to Paul and started rubbing his bulging groin through his shorts.

Bill pulled his cock out and got close so I started sucking him, 'party time boys', he delighted. Kev finally took his fingers from my pussy and licked them, 'tasty', Swingers Personals in Gorin then he pulled down his shorts down, 'me first', and he slide his cock into my pussy. The camp chair I was sitting in was absolutely perfect to fuck and suck in and so a cock in my pussy, one in my mouth, another in my hand and hands continually touching me all over.

The Swingers Personals in Gorin they were saying about me xxxxx I love being that slut that men desire It was a quiet situation because even though where we were it was fairly consealed but we were close to caravans so everything was said and done quietly. Kev then Paul, then Bill and finally Gary. They all took a turn at having my pussy and of course my mouth but without doubt Bill was the horniest and hardest. He could feel that he was getting close, 'Bill please cum in my mouth not inside me', 'christ yes baby', then I look around at all of them, 'I want you all to cum in my mouth please'.

Paul laughed, 'and you say please Nic so if you insist'. Suddenly Gary pulled out of me, 'he you go baby', and stood up and got close to my face, 'here it cums here it cums', he said getting just a little loud. He stroked his cock aiming for my open mouth and his entire load found its mark right on my tongue. Kev started fucking me a second time while Paul happily just stroked off until he cum but was much closer so his load shot straight down my throat.

Four yummy lo ended up in my belly and pussy was feeling very satisfied. They had sort of finished but not. They had all cum but having me still sitting there legs open, my husband asleep not 20 metres from where we were just excited them. Paul came and knelt between my legs and started giving me a wonderful licking. Bill was having a drink and watching Paul lick and explore my pussy. I was smiling at him, standing there stroking his still hard cock!!!!! Gary was like over the moon and kissed me thanking me but he had to go.

Kev had to go to but he was also just thrilled with what just happen. Paul was just all over me. He was was hard again, yummy! He knelt up between my legs and whispered, 'can I fuck you again', 'oh please yes', and he did. He was getting close, 'cum inside me please', and wow I had a yummy orgasm. Sometimes quiet sex makes it that much more special The whole night was soft voices and hardly any moaning. No one wanted to spoil what happened. Gary thanked me over and over before he too had to go. Bill was just sitting in his chair stroking his cock as Kev said goodnight to him. I was still so horny!

All that red wine and those cocks. I sat laid back in my chair still with my legs spread wide running my fingers btween my cum soaked lips looking at him.

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I'm going to fuck you ok Nic', I nodded and he eased his cock from my mouth knelt down between my legs and entered me again. Once again the thrill of quiet sex was incredible. He was so hard as he slowly fucked me. When he finally cum it was intense.

Swingers Personals in Gorin

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